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USTUL refrigerated truck transportation company

Ustul platform is fully available on the web and special applications for our customers, you can view all updates in a timely manner and without any delay such as inventory reports, delivery performance reports, technical support available 24 hours, reports near the end of the stock, adding a new order and many more, and for more information, you can contact serving our customers.


We have all the necessary tools and technology and all shipping solutions for electronic stores


Whatever type of e-commerce you have, our technology supports it.


Fleet has special storage solutions for e-commerce sites


We are experts in warehousing services for e-commerce businesses. We also provide customers with all solutions and automatic reports on a daily basis.


Our experience is your advantage

Get now our services that will make you distinguished among the rest of the companies that we offer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and more than 80 companies around the world

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Safe and Secure
Technical support

Technical support around the clock

Technical support service for customers is available around the clock for any inquiry or problem, whether by phone, technical support tickets, or through direct contact with them to deal with any inquiry on time.

To prepare your products and deliver them on time at all times, as we have a highly experienced team to manage all tasks, we are able to process more than 50,000 orders per month as a minimum.

advanced technology

Ustul technology has been designed with the highest standards and to better serve our customers. We have made special applications for each customer as well as the customer control panel so that our customers have the ability to follow up on the latest updates and reports anywhere or anytime.


Our customers can connect e-commerce sites such as Magento, Magento 2, OpenCart, WordPress, Shopify, in just 15 minutes using the add-ons provided by Ostool to its customers.

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Years of Exprience
About Us

Focus on your business and leave the rest to us

We will use all of our technology for you… and we will receive, process and deliver your products as quickly as possible

Fleet gives you all the technology needed to achieve your success! Whatever the size of your business, we work for you and give the highest priority to maintaining it, as we will provide you with a real opportunity to follow up on your inventory, shipping, delivery rates and your financial reports.

Ustul systems

All you need to know about Ustul systems

Keep your customers informed of everything that is happening in a timely manner, such as the delivery rate for each shipping company and the latest updates

Even after shipping your customers’ orders, the task of Fleet follows up on every movement, evaluates performance, and makes sure that shipments are delivered in a timely manner. You will also get updates constantly through your customer control panel until the completion of the shipping companies’ task, which is delivery or non-delivery, for Fleet to check and make sure of the The reason why the order was not delivered.

Whether your shipments are domestic or international fleet will give; The best prices in the local market and this is an additional benefit represented in the reduced shipping rates with the possibility of an additional reduction in the event of an increase in the number of your shipments.

Track performance and monitor your customers’ complaints in proportion to your level of service only through the customer dashboard.

Ustul give you all the technology needed to achieve your success! Whatever the size of your business, we work for you and give the highest priority to maintaining it, as we will provide you with a real opportunity to follow up on your inventory, shipping, delivery rates and your financial reports.

It is a service in which technology is used to give the necessary 100% storage space for your products with your own spaces and with customized packaging to protect and manage them.

Here we tell you, it’s our turn to take care of your stock. You just have to focus on how to achieve more sales and how to market your products and leave the second matters to us…..

Returns to Inventory is one of the most important features of Ostool technology. We turn your online store revenue into a positive experience for you or your customer by quickly processing returned shipments to ensure customers get their refund as quickly as possible.

All orders are processed and sent to shipping companies on the same day of the order, maximum at 1:00 pm of every working day, which means even if your request has been entered on our systems at 12:58 pm, a fleet prepares it and sends it to shipping companies without any delay.

Ustul systems are connected directly with your website using one of your linking tools to be able to send requests to us automatically. Once the order is made through your customers, you are not required to write to us or send your requests in excel. Our systems are designed to send requests directly to our partners and prepare them as quickly as possible and deliver them for your customers

Ustul has storage centers distributed in Saudi Arabia.

Ustul  guarantees you the highest standards of quality, productivity, storage and space in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In the end, through our technology, you can track all your inventory online and without making any contact as well, whatever the size of your business. Digi Pack provides you with the necessary space.

Ostool has a huge network of partners throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for more than one region at the present time, and the room is open to increase according to the volume of work.

Using WMS technology, the warehouse management system will update the products at the maximum speed, as well as move the stock from one place to another place with ease and ease.

Within less than 48 hours of receiving your stock and as soon as it is received in our warehouses, you will find the updates in a control panel and the storage will be informing you online of the storage status, consolidation, increase or decrease with the feature of printing SKU for each product in case you do not have it.