There are many types and methods of storage that can be used, and dry storage is considered one of the most important types of storage for many products, especially food products. In general, the appropriate storage method is chosen according to the type of stored products as well. This type of storage does not depend […]

With ever-evolving technology and online competition, it is important to keep your e-commerce business updated on a regular basis. This is to preserve your place in the market in the midst of fierce competition, especially in light of the multiplicity of e-commerce sites. So if you are in the field of e-commerce business, then you […]

Most retail and online businesses use frozen pallet storage, so that they can properly handle and store frozen foods. Especially since frozen foods need special care when dealing with them, in addition to the need to provide the appropriate environment and conditions to preserve these products. frozen pallet storage can help preserve and store foods […]

Frozen storage solutions are one of the most important innovations that will preserve temperature sensitive products, which need to be stored and maintained below frozen temperature. Modern technology has contributed to providing many smart solutions, which would provide greater flexibility and more stability, especially in e-commerce. USTUL can offer you various frozen storage solutions that […]

Freight brokerage is one of the things that many rely on when it comes to arranging the commercial transportation of cargo. Especially since the shipping industry is one of the largest, and freight brokerage can help keep supply chains moving better. Freight brokers are responsible for consolidating shipments and other matters. Also, in many cases, […]

Maintaining Frozen Food during the delivery process is not easy, so ready-to-eat food manufacturers and distributors need efficient refrigeration and freezing technologies to store and transport products. USTUL is one of the top providers of cost-effective and practical refrigeration and freezing solutions that will help you preserve Frozen Food during storage or transportation and delivery. […]

The bill of lading is one of the most important partnership contracts made between the shipping company and the shipper, the primary purpose of which, first and foremost, is to guarantee the rights of the shipper. The bill is also an important and necessary document because it is one of the basic requirements in the […]