Export duty is one of the basic matters regarding shipping in e-commerce markets, which countries impose on the export process. Through it, local industries are encouraged and supported, while at the same time supporting the country’s economy and organizing its export process. In general, increasing the volume of exports helps in the growth of the […]

The advanced cold chain solution has witnessed great demand, as the demand for it has increased since 2020 until the present time. The reason behind this is the significant shift in consumption patterns, as well as advances in packaging technology. So cold chain solution plays a big role in cold supply chains as a whole, […]

A lot of people want to be a retail distributor, especially with the great technological progress that has hit our current era, and the dependence of a large number of people on online shopping. Since this job has become a lot of gain for its owners, if they are able to work with it and […]

Cold chain distribution plays an important role in various industries and therefore it is of great importance to use appropriate practices to mitigate its risks. Especially since the existence of any problems in cold chain distribution will lead to a severe slowdown in industries, especially those that depend on refrigerated logistics. There are many experts […]

Modern supply chain has become more used by different companies, which have begun to change their approach to managing their supply chains. This is to take advantage of the huge benefits provided by the modern supply chain compared to traditional operations, which helped these companies to better respond to the supply chain requirements of their […]

With ever-evolving technology and online competition, it is important to keep your e-commerce business updated on a regular basis. This is to preserve your place in the market in the midst of fierce competition, especially in light of the multiplicity of e-commerce sites. So if you are in the field of e-commerce business, then you […]

Freight brokerage is one of the things that many rely on when it comes to arranging the commercial transportation of cargo. Especially since the shipping industry is one of the largest, and freight brokerage can help keep supply chains moving better. Freight brokers are responsible for consolidating shipments and other matters. Also, in many cases, […]

Maintaining Frozen Food during the delivery process is not easy, so ready-to-eat food manufacturers and distributors need efficient refrigeration and freezing technologies to store and transport products. USTUL is one of the top providers of cost-effective and practical refrigeration and freezing solutions that will help you preserve Frozen Food during storage or transportation and delivery. […]