Direct injection shipping is one of the most modern supply chain models, which can help reduce logistics costs significantly. The most characteristic of direct injection shipping is that it maintains the time frame for the shipping process, while at the same time reducing the costs spent on logistics services to the lowest possible extent. In […]

Shipping perishable food is very important when dealing with various food products, especially since those products have special nature and conditions. This nature makes these products susceptible to spoilage, so these products are handled with great care and care. So when dealing with shipping perishable food, there are a lot of procedures and steps that […]

Many online store owners fear freight damage, which can cause them huge losses. In general, the shipping process is one of the most important factors that contribute to the success of your business and online commerce. However, freight operations face many challenges and problems that worsen their performance and desired results, and one of the […]

There are many types of shipping used by different industries, and Specialized Shipping is one of the special types of shipping, which is used to ship certain types of goods, especially goods for industrial work such as oil or natural gas. Such industries need certain shipping services, which ordinary shipping companies may not provide, because […]

Many are looking for companies that specialize in providing shipping solutions for refrigeration products, through which they can easily ship products sensitive to temperature changes. Especially since these types of products need certain conditions to be shipped without affecting their validity, and this is what is included in shipping solutions for refrigeration products. USTUL is […]

One of the most important things to consider when transporting products that are sensitive to changes in temperature is temperature controlled. Through it, products can be preserved during the shipping process to remain fresh, and appropriate temperature controlled helps to maintain products transported. As it gives them the appropriate conditions that prevent the reproduction of […]