Ensuring that the proper storage temperature is used for stored items is extremely important, especially for products that are highly sensitive to temperature. As the process of preserving products, especially food and pharmaceutical materials, must be done with great care to maintain their safety and health. This can be done by setting and using the […]

Cold chain packaging is one of the important and sensitive processes that help in the proper packaging of temperature sensitive products. This guarantees the preservation of the validity and safety of these products from the time they leave the warehouse until their arrival at the final destination. It is a cold chain solution, through which […]

Green Warehousing is one of the practices of the new approach within the sector of modern logistics, or green logistics. Which would enhance the environmental performance of the logistical regions and institutions and to meet the social, economic and environmental goals. Due to the significant environmental impacts resulting from some warehouse operations, the concept of […]

Supply chain inventory management process helps in accurate analysis of current stock levels, which ensures forecasting of future demand for goods. Therefore, it is one of the important things that most companies need, and its effective management can bring many profitable benefits to all parties. Inventory management is part of supply chain management, through which […]

Consignment inventory strategies help reduce the risks associated with purchasing physical inventory. In general, there is some amount of risk that comes with buying traditional inventory, as sellers hope to sell their products quickly and make a profit immediately. But many times the inventory stays with the retailers for a long time without being sold, […]

Frozen food management is not easy, but it needs special care to maintain the validity and safety of those products. Hence the need for frozen food fulfillment services providers appeared, who have the necessary experience and competence to deal with this type of product. Especially since food in general needs certain conditions to be preserved, […]

There are many types and methods of storage that can be used, and dry storage is considered one of the most important types of storage for many products, especially food products. In general, the appropriate storage method is chosen according to the type of stored products as well. This type of storage does not depend […]

Most retail and online businesses use frozen pallet storage, so that they can properly handle and store frozen foods. Especially since frozen foods need special care when dealing with them, in addition to the need to provide the appropriate environment and conditions to preserve these products. frozen pallet storage can help preserve and store foods […]

Frozen storage solutions are one of the most important innovations that will preserve temperature sensitive products, which need to be stored and maintained below frozen temperature. Modern technology has contributed to providing many smart solutions, which would provide greater flexibility and more stability, especially in e-commerce. USTUL can offer you various frozen storage solutions that […]

The wholesale distribution industry has recently witnessed a lot of turmoil and rapid changes, from changing buying and selling habits to the disruptions that the global supply chain is experiencing until the present time, but there are a number of trends or ways that the wholesale distribution industry is taking in today, And through which […]