Lots of companies and individuals want to get an on-demand freezer truck service but they don’t know what their business is and what the best companies that can provide them are. This type of truck is especially important for transporting temperature-sensitive items in large quantities, as this truck provides the right conditions so that it […]

Refrigerated transportation is one of the newly flourishing means of transportation that is changing the world around us with its many advantages, the most important of which is food and drug safety. Refrigerated goods transportation is also important for products that are rapidly sensitive or extremely sensitive to temperature. Such products need to provide special […]

cold chain temperature monitoring is extremely important, especially for those highly temperature sensitive products, as temperature controlled logistics should be flexible and respond quickly to any emergencies or any unforeseen delays, cold chain temperature monitoring will ensure that Products throughout the cold chain and thus the products reach the final consumer without any problems, and […]

container temperature Irrespective of outside climate factors, reefer containers could indeed keep cargo temps between -35°C and +35°C. They accomplish this by funneling air beneath the cargo through T-shaped sheathing that has been particularly designed to maintain proper airflow from across whole shipping. reefer container temperature for fruits. The temperature on the inside of a […]

The process of temperature control and efficient refrigeration systems is one of the most important tools that help preserve food and other products that need refrigeration systems, and cold chain logistics is one of the best solutions that help you ensure that products that need special temperatures are taken care of during The transportation process, […]

Meat transport needs special conditions and a number of procedures so that the transportation and shipping process can be carried out successfully without any damage to the transported meat, and meat transport through refrigerated shipping is the best method for transporting meat, but refrigerated transport vehicles must meet a number of conditions in order to […]

Sanitary Transportation is a set of rules that regulate the process of transportation of products, especially the transportation of food for humans and animals. The rule explains health practices in transportation of these foods, and there are a number of requirements in order for Sanitary Transportation to be carried out correctly, and the final rule […]