Today, cold chain technologies play a large and vital role in the business sector of cold chain-dependent industries, due to the fact that the cold chain industry is facing complex and unique challenges led by the Corona pandemic, but it is also exacerbated by the influx of increasing demand and lack of labor, equipment and capacity.

As everyone knows, the cold chain aims to deliver the product to the final consumer quickly and safely while preserving its quality, so there is great importance for cold chain technologies as they will increase the reliability and security of sanitary transportation of fresh agricultural products, frozen foods, chemicals or medicines, etc. This article will show you all the details about the most important cold chain technologies and used in that period.

Cold Chain Warehouse Storage Technologies

Cold chain technologies greatly and effectively help deliver the product to the final consumer quickly and safely while maintaining its quality, and are essential under the current conditions and the Corona pandemic.

The business sector of industries that depend on the cold chain logistics is in dire need of technologies that help it to enhance the degree of reliability and safety of transportation of various materials that require cooling systems.

Cold chain technologies are those modern systems and technology-based tools that facilitate the transportation and storage of products or materials in cold chain industries.

The following are a group of frequently used techniques during this period in the cold chain:

Cold Chain Transit Storage Technologies

cold chain technologies

One of the most important cold chain technologies today is Cold Chain Transit Storage Technologies which will increase productivity as well as speed up the production process.

This type of technology, as one of the types of cold chain technologies, enhances the production, storage and distribution of temperature-sensitive products, thus providing greater visibility of temperature-related quality to consumers, manufacturers and retailers.

Cold Chain Transit Storage Technologies actively contributes to the safe and innovative storage and movement of perishable products.

Cold Chain Cooling Technologies or Temperature Control Methods

Cold Chain Cooling Technologies is one of the most widely used cold chain technologies these days.

Which works to control temperatures through the use of various tools that enable them to constantly monitor information.

Cold Chain Cooling Technologies also monitors temperature ranges and environmental parameters such as humidity levels,

Which can compromise the quality of temperature-sensitive goods.

One of the core technologies used in Cold Chain Temperature Control Methods, as one of the types of cold chain technologies, is data logging, which ensures flexible control and helps ensure merchandise quality.

All this effectively helps in moving goods through the cold chain without any obstacles.

Besides avoiding temperature imbalances and establishing a clear logistics process to enhance the safety of cold chain products. so It is one of the most important cold chain technologies.

Cold Chain Packaging Technologies

The third most widely used technology at that time within cold chain technologies is Cold Chain Packaging Technologies, which helps maintain a constant product temperature.

Especially since the cold chain packaging process is vital as any slight difference in temperature can make a perishable product unsafe for consumption.

Cold Chain Packaging Technologies has been greatly developed as the demand for medicines and vaccines increases due to the Corona pandemic.

This is in addition to the increasing reliance on the online grocery special delivery service in response to social distancing protocols,

Which has contributed to solving many problems and filling various gaps. so It is one of the most important cold chain technologies.

Key Elements of Cold Chain Passive Packaging Systems

cold chain technologies

When we talk about Cold Chain Passive Packaging Systems, there are two main components that can be relied upon to maintain the temperature of goods during transportation in the cold chain, and they are:

  • One-way use packaging or single use.
  • Re-usable packaging or multiple use.

One-way use packaging is intended for the type of insulated packaging that is used in insulated cartons and long or long distance transportation.

Re-usable packaging is also used in the cold chain, but it is reusable. This is in contrast to the first type, which is transformed into waste and cannot be used again

And this type is used in road transport when the receiver is not too far from the sender. In general, this technology has great importance among other cold chain technologies.

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