When shipping food products, the first thing you should think about is food shipping packaging, especially since foods have a certain nature and conditions that must be preserved so as not to spoil. Food shipping packaging is very important, as the process of food shipping packaging needs special attention to keep the shipment and deliver it to its final destination in its natural state without damage, and in this article we will talk about how food shipping packaging happens, and what are the best ways for food shipping packaging.

Food shipping packaging

Food shipping packaging is one of the most important processes that should be given special attention,

Because any problem with it can spoil the shipped food and consequently the entire process fails and incurs huge losses.

As for foods, there are certain ways that must be packaged in addition to a number of conditions that must be provided in order for the shipped foods to retain their validity until they reach the final destination.

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How do you package fruit for shipping?

food shipping packaging


When talking about food shipping packaging, with regard to fruits, they must be properly packaged, especially since fruit is one of the types of fresh foods that are mostly perishable quickly,

So it must be packaged appropriately, and during food shipping packaging for fruits, there are some things to consider, Such as:

  • Ensure shipped fruits are not wet and are packed in refrigerated, airtight plastic bags.
  • Ship the fruits in a cold-pack lined foam box and then put them in a strong corrugated carton box also for preservation.

How do you ship something that needs to stay cold?

If you want to ship something that needs to be cold, you should use ice packs when shipping those things,

And if the shipped things are fast perishable foods then those products should be packed in sealed plastic bags.

Also, be sure to mark these products as “Perishable – Keep Refrigerated” so that the recipient is notified that the items need to be refrigerated and frozen upon receipt to maintain their shelf life.

Also, the temperature of things to be shipped that you want to keep cool should not be more than 41 degrees. 

Frozen packaging for shipping

Also, one of the types of food shipping packaging is frozen packaging for shipping, which is intended for perishable foods and products.

Frozen packaging for shipping takes several types, the most important of which are:

  • Pliable Cold Pack, one of the most popular frozen packaging, is re-frozen, flexible when frozen and foldable.
  • Gel Cold Pack, which is suitable as containers around foods and suitable for transportation in pharmaceutical fields, this kind of frozen packaging is refreezing and can be used repeatedly.
  • Foam Brick Cold Pack, the third best frozen packaging that works perfectly, is also re-frozen.

Best way to pack Food for Shipping

food shipping packaging

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