Fresh food delivery is one of the most important concerns for food business owners, as having convenient delivery methods to distribute their products is the most important concern for them. Therefore, they are looking for a transport company to help them in the process of fresh food delivery, especially since food products and plants in general need special conditions during shipping and transportation so as not to be spoiled or damaged during the shipping process.

Which costs the company a lot of additional expenses and huge losses, and USTUL is one of the best companies specializing in fresh food delivery. In this article, we will provide you with all the details about the fresh food delivery process and how USTUL Refrigerated Freight services can help you maintain your products throughout the transportation process to the final destination.

Fresh food delivery

Fresh food delivery is the proper transportation of food and food products from the producer to the desired final destination.

So that these products reach their final destination fresh and without damage or damage, and there are many companies that provide fresh food delivery services. But not all of them specialize in proper transportation.

USTUL is a distinguished company that specializes in fresh food delivery with best-in-class refrigeration systems and well-equipped trucks. Besides, USTUL has a full team of experts and specialists in the process of fresh food delivery.

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How our refrigerated trucks keep fresh food delivery

fresh food delivery

USTUL’s intelligent systems based on technological methods and techniques help keep food delivery fresh.

And that is through the use of refrigerated trucks equipped with the best cooling and freezing systems, which can be adjusted to suit the foods that will be transported through them.

USTUL Trucks keeps food products delivered to their final destination healthy and fresh without spoiling.

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Temperature Settings for both Chilled and Frozen Goods

Also, with USTUL Trucks, you will be able to easily set temperature settings for both chilled and frozen goods.

Which will help you control the temperature of the refrigerated truck, thus ensuring fresh food delivery successfully.

With USTUL systems, no matter the distance, you will be able to transport and deliver temperature sensitive food products fresh as if they had just left the pickup point.

USTUL provides you with different types of refrigerated trucks that allow you to control their temperatures commensurate with the nature and quality of the food products you will be transporting.

By working with USTUL you will only select the trucks you want and tell the drivers what temperature you want to set the truck container to.

Then the trucks will arrive and you will be able to transport your goods according to the temperature you set in advance, and the shipment and temperatures will be monitored by USTUL specialists.

Fresher Deliveries Powered by Excellent van Maintenance

fresh food delivery

USTUL provides you with the latest deliveries, with its intelligent and advanced systems. In addition to providing the best and excellent maintenance for trucks.

This will ensure a successful fresh food delivery.

Therefore, USTUL is one of the leading companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia specialized in providing refrigerated transport services in its various forms that guarantee fresh food delivery.

It also owns a group of the best experts and specialists in the refrigerated transport process, and can provide you with a complete fleet of refrigerated transport trucks of various sizes.

The company also provides you with all services related to transportation and refrigerated storage, as it provides refrigerated freight services with cars and warehouses dedicated to transporting materials that need refrigeration.

This is in addition to the advantage of express special delivery on the same day inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

All vehicles are refrigerated, prepared and approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It is also available to receive customers’ shipments and deliver them to more than 70 cities in Saudi Arabia.

USTUL’s refrigerated transport services are based on the latest technology, ensuring customers the best fresh food delivery.

If you are a Food and Perishables company, currently searching for an answer to your transportation and logistics concerns, please contact USTUL Today! We understand the importance of timely handling, processing of return products and materials, and have a clear grasp of the critical need for delivering on time. Bakery and Dairy Equipment is specified to our customer’s exacting needs including dry van, temperature-controlled, frozen, deep-frozen, and specialized equipment.