Sanitary Transportation is a set of rules that regulate the process of transportation of products, especially the transportation of food for humans and animals. The rule explains health practices in transportation of these foods, and there are a number of requirements in order for Sanitary Transportation to be carried out correctly, and the final rule was announced by the FSMA regarding sanitary transportation of human and animal food.

And in this article we will talk about all the details about sanitary transportation of Human and Animal Food, as well as show the final rule announced by the FSMA regarding the sanitary transportation of human and animal food, and how USTUL can help you in the process of sanitary transportation.

Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food Rule

Sanitary Transportation

A number of rules have been announced regarding Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food that are intended to protect foods from contamination during transportation.

This rule has been one of the major efforts focused on the prevention of various food safety problems and is in line with the Sanitary Food Transport Act 2005 (SFTA) as well as the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011 (FSMA).

What are the Requirements for Sanitary Transport?

There are several requirements for sanitary transportation, which urge operators to adhere to sanitary practices during transportation.

In order to maintain the safety of transported foods, the following are the most important sanitary transportation requirements that have been stipulated:

1. Vehicles and Transportation Equipment

Vehicles and transportation equipment must be designed and maintained and Food shipping packaging to ensure appropriate food safety.

For example, they should be easily cleaned to the standard required for foods intended to be handled, and they should be able to maintain the correct temperature.

That Vehicles and Transportation Equipment be designed in a manner that ensures the safety of food transported through it, so that they are:

  • Cleaned to the standard required for food handling.
  • Able to maintain the correct and appropriate temperature for the foods transported through them.

2. Transportation Operations

As for transportation, sanitary transportation requires that transportation take all essential measures to protect food safety, so as to prevent exposure to contamination.

The transfer process must also be suitable for the food to prevent contact of the transported food with food allergens.

Carriers must also be trained in sanitary transportation practices, and there are several models that explain this in detail.

FSMA Final Rule on Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food

Sanitary Transportation

The final rule on Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food has been announced by the FSMA whose purpose is to prevent practices during transportation that create food safety risks, the most important of which are:

  • Failing to cool food properly
  • Inadequate vehicle cleaning between loads.
  • Failing to properly protect food

The last law specified the requirements for shippers, as well as transportation operations and methods used in the transportation process,

And all of these requirements apply to all transportation methods except for transportation by ship or air, due to a number of restrictions stipulated by the law.

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What type of products fall under this rule?

All food products, whether human or animal, are included in this list, except for products grown on farms with average annual sales of less than 25 thousand dollars.

And one of the types of products not included in the list are foods that are rarely consumed raw (uncooked).

What can the USTUL do for you for sanitary transportation?

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