Chocolate is that luxury that everyone around the world savors to improve their mood and enjoy absolute pleasure in small doses of happiness. It may lead to its damage, so during shipping chocolate, appropriate conditions must be created for the shipping process, and in this article we will show you the most important details about how to ship chocolate and explain how to shipping chocolate without melting.

Will Chocolate Melt in the shipping?

Yes, in general, chocolate can melt while being shipped from one place to another, but there are different types of chocolate.

Some of it is pure with its ingredients such as dark chocolate, or mixed with milk, flavorings and other nuts, such as the common milk chocolate with its color gradations, as well as white chocolate.

The shelf life of chocolate varies according to its type and components. In general, clear dark chocolate is the most durable type of chocolate that does not melt quickly.

But in the absence of appropriate conditions during shipping chocolate, it can easily melt, changing its taste or spoiling completely.

Shipping Chocolate, the rules

There are a lot of rules that you must follow during the shipping chocolate process, especially since it is a dessert that needs to provide special conditions and temperatures so as not to spoil.

Here are a number of rules related to the shipping chocolate process, which you must take into account well:

  • Cool the chocolate well for a while before you transfer it to the freight car, as it is important that the chocolate is cold before loading.
  • When shipping chocolate, move it from refrigerated storage directly to the shipping box.
  • Use spacers like bubble wrap to prevent the cold compresses from freezing the chocolate.
  • Use the cooling gel packs in your box next to the chocolate products.
  • Maintain chocolate transport temperature throughout the shipping process and monitor changes carefully.

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Temperatures required for the chocolate shipment process

One of the most important things about shipping chocolate is knowing what temperatures are required and appropriate for shipping chocolate from one place to another.

As we have already mentioned, temperatures greatly affect the validity and quality of the product, so unsuitable shipping chocolate conditions will result in a great loss.

It is always preferable when shipping chocolate that the charged amount of chocolate has been adequately cooled, especially before the filling process begins, which will help to maintain its cold temperature for a longer period during the chocolate shipping process.

As for the temperatures required for the chocolate charging process, the temperature during which it will be shipped must be between 55F and 65F. Also, the relative humidity should be less than 50%.

During the shipping chocolate, these temperatures must be maintained at a constant level throughout the shipping process, so that the chocolate does not suffer any damage.

5 Tips to Deliver Chocolate without Melting!

shipping chocolate

There are a set of important tips that will help you a lot in the process of shipping chocolate, and here are the top 5 tips for shipping chocolate

1. Know the melting temperature

The most important step in shipping chocolate is knowing the melting point of the chocolate, and although different types will need a different melting point, in general, the average melting point of chocolate is between 86-90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Therefore, during the shipping chocolate process, check well the weather conditions during the period in which you will be shipping, and provide the appropriate conditions for the shipping process so as not to damage the shipped quantity.

2. Keep chocolates cold before packaging

The second most important tip during shipping chocolate is to keep the amount of chocolate you’re going to be shipping cold before it’s filled.

Cooling the chocolate before sending it out will help preserve its shelf life during the shipping process.

3. Plan for delivery

While shipping chocolate, you also need to make a plan of your itinerary and the entire shipping method, so that you are prepared for any contingencies that arise during the shipping process.

You can get a list of all the things you need to prepare before you start scheduling a shipment, such as specifying packing materials, shipping charges, as well as the permits that you may need.

It is preferable that you avoid doing the shipping chocolate on the weekends to avoid traffic congestion during that period.

4. Be strategic with your packaging

Shipped chocolates need to be packaged in such a way that they don’t spoil and look beautiful when opened. There are a number of considerations you need to keep in mind with chocolate packaging when shipping:

Use insulated boxes, and check that the boxes have enough space inside so that there is room to put protective materials inside.

Use bubble wrap, which will help stabilize the package during the shipping process, minimizing the impact of bumpy roads on the chocolate being transported.

Cold compresses are one of the most important tools you will need when packing and transporting chocolate, as they will help you maintain the temperature of the products.

5. Provide fast delivery

Always try to choose a fast delivery method during the shipping chocolate process because these products melt by nature.

It is better to provide a convenient and fast method at the same time, so that there are fewer chances for the sweets to melt during shipment, the shorter the shipping schedule, the better.

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Use USTUL When You Ship Chocolate

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This ensures that the shipping chocolate process is one hundred percent safe and without any damage or damage.

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Especially since all USTUL services are with quality and safety standards to preserve the transported products so that they do not spoil while maintaining the quality of the product.

It has a professional team that follows the proper steps in the shipping chocolate process by selecting and providing safe cooling units to ensure the safety of the products being transported.

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