Customer demands are constantly changing, business owners are always facing pressure in an attempt to improve their profits as well as reduce costs, and with changing conditions as well, especially after the Corona pandemic, the great importance of supply chain forecasting has emerged, which is of great importance in business, and it helps business owners in Effective in obtaining all the important information and necessary data about their orders, thus helping to make the best decision and planning the budget effectively, as well as providing a better opportunity to expand into new markets, and in this article we will show you all the details about supply chain forecasting, its importance and its role in planning for unexpected disturbances

Supply chain forecasting

Before talking about the importance and role of supply chain forecasting, we will first need to know what it is.

Supply chain forecasting is the way in which various data and multiple insights about demand can be collected.

Which helps in making the best decision, whether in terms of the size of your inventory or budget planning and expansion to new markets.

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Role of forecasting in supply chain

Forecasting plays a big role in the supply chain, so there is great importance for supply chain forecasting which helps in the prosperity of business, and it also helps in:

  • Effective strategic planning, and thus obtaining data and making appropriate insights that helps in planning the budget and assessing risks well, which helps in providing an opportunity to expand into a new market.
  • Better understanding of inventory, as supply chain forecasting helps in providing a good management of your available inventory.
  • Ease of dealing with suppliers, which will make you better meet customer demands.
  • Keeping warehouse costs under control, by controlling inventory and reducing over or under stock situations.
  • Maintaining stock levels throughout the year and managing your inventory supply more effectively.
  •  Improve customer experience, supply chain forecasting helps provide a better experience for your customers by being able to predict customer demand.

Demand planning in supply chain

Before we talk about Demand planning in supply chain, we will first need to know what Demand planning is.

Which is the process of supply chain management to forecast the demand for products, thus ensuring that they can be delivered on time and this will increase customer satisfaction.

Demand planning in supply chain also aims to achieve a balance between stock levels, so that the required stock levels are provided that meet the needs of customers without an excess.

In light of the Corona pandemic, the importance of demand planning in supply chain has emerged, especially as it has greatly affected the economy, customer requests and the ability to meet their requests

The following points illustrate the importance of Demand planning in supply chain:

  • Improving an efficient, data-driven approach that will reveal new ways to reduce costs in operations, increase revenue, and provide greater competitiveness.
  • Enhancing supply chain profitability.
  • Provide sufficient stock levels to meet customer needs without surplus
  • Understand the required size of products that you provide to customers throughout the year.

Forecasting in supply chain management

supply chain forecasting

Forecasting in supply chain management collects supplier data and analyzes market patterns, in order to predict the future of demand and markets.

It allows you to pay good attention to the level of present and also past demand for the products you offer and put your supply chain in the forefront.

Here are a number of points that reflect the importance of Forecasting in supply chain management:

  • Ability to effectively plan seasonal changes to demand.
  • Understand the needs of customers and thus fulfill their requests in less time, which increases customer satisfaction and confidence in you.
  • Free up your storage space and reduce your security inventory to a minimum size.
  • Less time warehousing and therefore less money is wasted than if the items were taking up space in the warehouse for an extended period of time.
  • Optimizing the shipping process, by checking the number of workers available to ship the expected quantity of the order, which will reduce you more unnecessary labor costs.

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Demand forecasting in supply chain

Demand forecasting in supply chain is an important component, the importance of which is that it helps determine how you are going to purchase materials that meet the demands of your customers.

Which will help you verify your ability to provide the right products in the required quantities that cover the customers’ demands appropriately without surpluses or deficiencies.

Through Demand forecasting in supply chain operational strategies can be established, along with planning of raw materials, purchasing, inbound logistics, cash flow and manufacturing.

We can summarize the importance of Demand forecasting in supply chain in the following points:

  • Financial and production planning, risk assessment.
  • Avoid running out of stock and overstocking.
  • Improve production lead times, reduce costs.
  • Increase operational efficiencies, improve customer experience.

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