There are many logistical risks that may significantly affect your goods, especially if your entire investment is in one container for example, and therefore you are more exposed to logistical risks, and here the term Value Protect and full value protection moving insurance appears in which you can It also protects your goods and your investment from potential logistical risks, and in this article we will talk about Value Protect and its importance as well as full value protection moving insurance, what it is and how it will affect the protection of your goods.

Logistical risks

Before we talk about Value Protect and its importance, we will first need to point out the most important logistical risks that your goods can be exposed to in transit.

And here are the most important ones:

  • Goods lost or lost in the ocean.
  • Cargos are subject to theft or piracy.
  • Goods are damaged during transportation due to failure to provide proper transportation conditions.
  • Cargo exposure to fire.

The occurrence of logistical risks and the damage or loss of goods can cause the loss of your entire capital or cause you huge losses that may make you stop working afterwards.

So ensuring those risks is very important, and this is what Value Protect can provide you

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What is Value Protect?

It is one of the ways in which a revised set of terms and conditions of the contract of carriage is introduced, thus enhancing the value of the compensation you receive if your goods are exposed to any risks while in transit through a carrier.

Value Protect protects the value of your merchandise in the event of any eventual damage or loss of merchandise,

Thus obtaining the widest possible compensation and protecting the value of your merchandise.

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Importance of Value Protect

Value Protect

If your goods are damaged or lost, you will lose your capital and possibly your entire business, especially if you put your investment in one shipment and unfortunately that shipment is exposed to some logistical risks.

That’s why you need Value Protect in order to insure and protect your goods in the event of any damage to them and to receive appropriate compensation.

Full value protection moving insurance

One of type is Full value protection moving insurance, which provides full protection for the value of the goods being moved.

Also, if your goods are damaged or lost in transit, Full value protection moving insurance will help you replace lost or damaged goods in your entire shipment.

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